Hi, I'm Matthew. I like to build apps that are useful. I was born in Alabama. My family moved to Westport when I was 1. My father died suddenly when I was 9 of a stroke caused by coronary artery disease.

I've always been interested in building things, like 1000-piece puzzles & model rockets. I wrote my first programs in middle school on my TI-83 calculator to help me solve math problems. I got good at hockey and went to play at Kent School where I took intro to programming.

I got into Harvard and did an independent study on building apps. I made a Facebook app called Lovers that reached over 1 million monthly active users. After graduating college, I helped build Venmo, which became the top free finance app in Apple's App Store and achieved a valuation of over $4 billion.

Currently, I'm living off my savings and am working from home on an iPhone app.